1611882_10201530647782446_184024953_oHi there! I’m Carolyn, a 24 year-old Torontonian (born and raised), currently living with my parents. I graduated from Queen’s University with a BAH in Political Science in June 2012, and like many Millenials, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life.

After teaching preschool for a year, I took time off to travel India, Southeast Asia, and South Africa. You’ll find this blog is filled with stories of those travels.

I’m currently enrolled at Seneca College in the Corporate Communications program, and am busy learning that I’ve been a communicator my whole life. I work part-time as a consultant, and am also enrolled in a part-time certificate at U of T.  I volunteer with Havergal College, and remain a proud Old Girl. I wear a lot of hats!

When I’m not travelling, learning, or blogging, I like to spend my time with family and friends, cooking, exercising, and hanging out at the cottage (I’m a Georgian Bay kid at heart).

This blog is an opportunity for me to explore the trials and tribulations of being 20-something, and to share my ‘simple joy‘, photography, tales of travelling, and general thoughts about life.

I eagerly await comments and discussion, but would ask that everyone keep their input appropriate and respectful. I will be moderating comments. Currently, no one pays me to blog (and this blog is 100% a representation of myself and my own views, with no involvement from any employer or affiliated institution), but if that ever happens I will be sure to offer full disclosure.

5 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. I really enjoy your blog 🙂
    By the way I work in Communications and Public Relations in the U.K.
    I have to be back at work by July 1 or my job is voluntarily resigned! Going to be a hard return to work after a year on the road.

    • Thanks Steve! I’m enjoying yours as well. What kind of role do you have? I’m returning to school this fall and am interested in learning about the types of jobs I can get with a communications degree. It’s definitely going to be an adjustment going home again!

      • I’m a Media Officer for two councils. I promote their work in the media and online and also run campaigns – road safety, adoption, fostering, that kind of stuff. I also do events promotion work – Tour of Britain cycling, Olympic Torch Relay in 2012. I’ve taken a one year career break.
        I enjoy the work, but it’s certainly not travelling. But paying the bills via blogging is harder than some people would have you believe, in my opinion.

      • A communications degree will certainly allow you to apply for PR jobs, marketing jobs, public affairs, PR agencies, Ad agencies, even journalism – which is what my degree is in.

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