Nha Trang: Mojzo, Mud Baths, and Vinpearl!

On a tip from Jacquie’s travel buddy Tegan, we made a booking to stay at the Mojzo Inn while we were in Nha Trang. Best decision we ever made, and best hostel we have stayed at throughout our time in Southeast Asia, hands-down. The ladies who run this hostel (Snow, Twin, Gem, Lee, and their trusty sidekick and token male staff, Nai) really make the experience amazing. While the hostel itself is pretty standard, the staff make such an effort to get to know your names, that you feel like you’ve been welcomed into a family home. I’ve never met such bubbly, friendly, and helpful staff, and don’t think I ever will again. I could gush about them for this entire post!

Nha Trang is a strange spot as far as Vietnam goes. It seems to be a vacation destination for the Russian population, and boasts the attractions of a beach town. I can’t really tell you what makes this place distinctly Vietnamese… except for the fact that we had some pretty great pho and hot pot!

We spent our brief time here enjoying the inexpensive activities that Nha Trang has to offer, and strangely enough spent zero time at the beach (this has actually become a bit of a trend – I have spent so much vacation time at the beach in the past, that I don’t feel the need to do that here – the Caribbean is a short flight away from home so I can do beach time again!)

So, instead of beach time, we went to the mud baths! This was more of a spa day than anything else. Unfortunately, for obvious muddy reasons, we don’t have any pictures, but I can tell you about the experience. The ladies at Mojzo recommended we go to i-Resort and quickly arranged a cheap taxi to take us there.


We went with the package that included a foot massage! We were whisked up the hill on a golf cart, selected a very dark and creepy looking mud, and after stripping down to our swimsuits we were slathered in the stuff by the staff! The ladies covering Beth and I did so with little inhibition, but the poor man putting on Jacquie’s mud became quite uncomfortable when the time came to coat her intimate chest region… He finally put some on her hand and asked her to finish covering her cleavage by awkwardly gesturing. After drying and baking in the sun for a while, we showered and were hosed down by the staff, and enjoyed a soak in the hot mineral water. For a girl who has been missing her baths (and the hot tub at the cottage) while on the road, this was truly glorious. My skin felt absolutely amazing, and was I relaxed? Ohhhh yeahhhhh.

The last part of our treatment was a foot massage… which became an “everything except your lower back” massage. We didn’t complain! We were also taken to enjoy our included lunch (a perk we weren’t aware of) after all of the pampering!


To finish off the day we lay by the pool and read our books. Rough life, and really broke the bank at around $30.00 USD! It’s ridiculous to think about how much those treatments would have cost at home.

On our last day in Nha Trang we hit up Vinpearl-Land, the amusement park that we had heard so much about from other travelers.


One of the most exciting parts about visiting this park is the gondola ride you take to get there! The views over the bay and the island are breathtaking (I actually filmed a birthday video for my friend Lisa on our way back… later realizing that it was a bit of a dick move… “Hey! Look at this awesome place I am in while it’s all snowy in Canada!”… It’s the thought that counts, right?)







After locking our stuff up, we were ready to explore. While the mini-rollercoaster was no comparison to anything at Canada’s Wonderland (according to Jacquie), I was still scared shitless… I had entirely forgotten that I hadn’t been to an amusement park since the age of 11. I did enjoy the Alpine Coaster, which is a self-controlled cart that hurtles down a track on the mountain (typical Type-A personality, enjoys being in control.)


The water park was an experience all of its own! I did brave some of the water slides, but not nearly as many as Beth and Jacquie. I preferred the slides where you rode in a tube or on a mat, while they fearlessly rocketed their bodies down watery chutes and funnels. We finished off the day at the “family slide” which boasts 6-person tubes, and some pretty wild corners! Overall it was a great day and we boarded the bus to Hoi An satisfied, waterlogged, and exhausted.

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