Mui Ne: Sand Dunes & St. Patrick’s Day!

Mui Ne is a kitesurfers paradise! We arrived late at night to the Mui Ne Backpackers resort and were greeted by the roar of the wind and the crash of the waves.

We were in Mui Ne for less than 48 hours and managed to fit a lot of activities into such a short period of time.

After a quick skype with home, we grabbed some breakfast and ran in to Jacquie’s friend Teagan, who she had met during her brief time in Hanoi. Teagan had been working her way South through Vietnam and in the time we did Cambodia, she had made her way to Mui Ne!

The Mui Ne Backpackers organizes a sand dune tour, and on the recommendation of my godmother Mary we decided that was the thing to do (especially given our lack of talent or training for kitesurfing).

The tour took us first to the Fairy Streams, where you walk along a very faint stream and admire the amazing land formations. My favourite part was the transition between the white and red sand, and I was snapping away with my camera.








The next stop on the jeep tour was a beautiful view of the bay where all the fishing and tub boats are moored. Everything was so colourful!



We visited two sand dunes. It was wickedly windy at the first one, so we had to brave the sand stinging our legs to climb to the top. It was so worth the pain because if you reached the top you could slide down – basically sand sledding! I was absolutely covered in sand but loved every minute.




We stopped at the second sand dune on the way back to watch the sunset. The views were gorgeous. We ran in to a tour group from Ho Chi Minh that really made the experience. Their excitement was infectious and they were so thrilled when we posed with them for a picture!


The funniest part was when we were trying to ask them if they were a school group, and they quickly found the one representative in their group that spoke English! He served as their spokesperson.






Beth thought it would be a great idea to hop over the sand dune to pose for a picture peeking over the top! Unfortunately that turned out to not be a great idea… I’m pretty sure she got sand up her nose.



Though we were exhausted and ridiculously sandy, it was St. Patrick’s Day, so we had some partying to do!

We quickly showered and headed out for a delicious seafood dinner with Teagan, and Sabina who we had met on the dune tour. It was great to have more people with us for dinner not only for the company, but because we got to order and sample so many different types of seafood! We feasted on scallops, crab, and red snapper.


After that we went to Sankara, a bar that had advertised a St. Patty’s celebration (because the bar is operated by an Irish guy). We met some awesome old Irish guys who were great to chat with and generously bought us some drinks. We made actual Irish friends on St. Patty’s!


The next morning we managed to drag ourselves out of bed in time to get breakfast and do some shopping before bussing to Nha Trang. Mui Ne was short but sweet!

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