Siem Reap: More Temples! Angkor Wat, Neak Poan, and Ta Prohm

Day two of temple sightseeing was packed! We started the day off right by getting up before dawn and heading out to Angkor Wat for the sunrise.


Jacquie and I found a nice spot to sit, on the less crowded side, and sat to patiently wait for the sunrise.


Well, we weren’t quite patient enough. After a while, it seemed like the sun must have fully risen behind a cloud, because it was so light out. Jacquie and I got tired of waiting, so we started to wander off to take pictures. All of a sudden, a glow started to appear over the temple! There was going to be a sunrise after all!




The sunrise was very beautiful, but unfortunately the Angkor Wat sunrise is an incredibly popular tourist attraction. The crowds were intense, and everyone was standing in the same spot, trying to get the same picture.

The next stop was a small temple, honestly don’t remember what it was called, but I do know the names of the rest of the ones we visited today… hey, 3/4 ain’t bad.



This small temple had some beautiful details.




The next stop was Neak Poan, a very tall temple that was beautifully symmetrical and a workout for the legs! Jacquie and I really liked climbing a set of stairs, and then walking around that level before going up to another level. We took some great pictures for each other!





The second last stop of the day was Ta Prohm, also known as the Jungle Temple, or the Tomb Raider Temple (as I believe scenes from the famous movie were filmed here.) This temple is home to some of the most incredible trees.





We also had a fun time posing like the ladies in the carvings, utilizing all we had learned from the Khmer dance show the night before!


The final stop of the day was a return to Angkor Wat, to climb the actual temple and see it during the daylight.



We thought Neak Poan had a lot of stairs, but we were wrong. It took a lot more to get to the top of Angkor Wat! The climb was worth it, as I felt transported in to a different world. We also took the chance to get a little silly with our pictures…






The Temples of Angkor are absolutely beautiful and I would recommend them to anyone traveling through Southeast Asia, in particular if you enjoy architecture and history. Stay tuned for the final set of pictures from Bayon and the Terrace of the Elephants!

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