Holy blog break Batman!!

So I broke the cardinal rule, I left my blog unattended for months on end. My apologies to the blog gods, and to Martin Waxman, who taught me so well about blogging… I clearly chose to ignore his wise words.

I started this blog as a project for a class at the U of T School of Continuing Studies. I told myself I would keep it up following the class, but somehow never found the time. But a lot has been happening since I last posted!

This past May my boyfriend returned to Toronto from Kingston after a year at Queen’s, and with the ‘long distance’ part of the relationship being on a hiatus (he returned to Kingston in September), spending time with him was much preferable to blogging! Plus, since I wrote most of my posts on my train rides to see him, I lost those weekly 6 hours of free time. Then came cottaging season, and I was lucky to spend a ton of time there this summer, so again, no blogging. I had a great summer filled with many cottage weekends with family and friends, many rounds of golf, two incredible concerts, and a wonderful family wedding. But enough with the excuses, on to the updates!

Since my last post, I finished up my year of teaching preschool at Little Tots’. We had a fantastic summer filled with field trips and special events. I still miss my co-teacher and my amazing class of kids, but the show must go on! Since September, I have been working part-time in a toddler classroom (which is a story for a different day) and helping out with administration in the office. I even launched a Twitter account for the daycare!

I also took the second class of the certificate program with U of T. ‘Social on the Inside’ was a fun experience, and I was glad to reconnect with many of my previous classmates. Another project this fall has been researching and applying to graduate programs and post-graduate college degrees.

This fall, I was also lucky enough to enjoy a weekend trip to Chicago with my mum. We did lots of shopping, went to several galleries, saw the sights, and had some pretty great food!

MOST importantly I have been planning my trip to Southeast Asia! On January 23rd I will be flying to Delhi with my best friend Beth, and will be traveling throughout the area until the beginning of May. The excitement is building as each item is ticked off my ‘to do’ list!

This brings me to the main purpose of this post – I will be blogging throughout my trip, so consider this the official announcement of my travel blog! I plan on making this the primary portal of communication (beyond my daily text to my parents, which I’m told only has to include “I’m fine.”), so if you’d like to follow me as I go to discover a new path, please sign up for email notifications!

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