Through My Eyes: Photo 5

Ok so I have literally been carrying my camera around with me for the entire long weekend with the purpose of pursuing my “20-something photos in 20-something days and some of them should be new” project (I’ve been sporting the double bag look – purse and camera bag). Somehow, I haven’t managed to take a single decent picture. It appears that I am far less inspired by the urban jungle than I am by true nature. I’ll keep trying, as I refuse to post a crappy photo just for the sake of it being a newly taken one. Only the creme de la creme are allowed to make their web-debut.


I particularly like the effect of the dust around the horses feet, and my eyes are drawn to the golden mane and tail of the white horse in front. The composition worked out pretty well, given the hastiness required to take the photo.

This photo was taken at the ranch along with Photo 3, and I was lucky to catch it. This group of horses spent most of their time casually grazing; except for the odd moment when something would spur them on, and off went the stampede.

What do you think?

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