Through My Eyes: Photo 3

My first two photos have been purely nature-based. It’s easy to capture a pretty sunset, so now I want to show you what I can do with things that aren’t necessarily naturally beautiful. I’m afraid that ‘Through My Eyes’ may be turning into ‘Guess What’s in the Photo’, but it’s more fun this way… so, any guesses?


I’ll give you a clue. A few years ago I visited my Great Aunt and Uncle’s cattle ranch in northern British Columbia, close to Fort St. John (ranch = farm equipment).

I was shocked to find out the day before we left that we wouldn’t have cell service. And the ranch subscribes to 100 minutes of dial-up internet per year. So, as a plugged-in millenial, I turned to the last form of technology at my disposal and enjoyed the scenery through a lens. There will likely be more of these to come!

To answer the question… it’s a hay rake.

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