Which millenial are you?

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Back to the Canadian Millenials: this is Post #2 in a series that is reviewing the research, report, and other website materials from the aforementioned site.

In the first post of the series I introduced the report and had a brief review of the report’s introduction. Today, I’ll be reviewing the Millenial Personality Quiz which sorts us into six groups: the achiever, the stampeder, the pacer, the simple lifer, the spark, and the firefly.

The quiz consists of 15 questions, each beginning with the phrase, “Have you ever been described by people close to you as…” I suppose that by framing the question in this way the quiz-writers are aiming to avoid everyone’s self-proclaimed traits, which in practice may not necessarily be true. By considering what others have told you, rather than what you tell yourself, the answers will probably be much more objective.

So I took the quiz. First, the quiz wants to know if you are male or female (this is the only question that doesn’t ask if you have been described this way by others). The next question is, “Have you ever been described by people close to you as a couch potato?” I have a problem with how they are phrasing the questions right off the bat, because while I would describe myself as an occasional couch potato, I tend to not advertise that behaviour, and save it for when I’m home alone on a Sunday. Even the people who are close to me may not describe me that way (unless you’re my boyfriend or best friend… pretty much the only people I share couch-potato time with), though I would. While my initial predictions were that posing the question this way would result in increased accuracy, I’m starting to doubt my hypothesis.

I continued on through the questions, and did them fairly quickly in order to allow my gut reaction to take precedence. Of the six personality types, I was identified by the quiz as The Achiever.

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After taking a look at the page describing my personality type, I found a list of descriptions, habits, and facts about Achievers, which make up 20% of Millenials, and of whom only 10% are men. While these are interesting facts, and flattering statements, I didn’t find anything particular useful, or a “take-home message” from the profile.

Overall, this quiz is great if you have 60 seconds to kill, but I don’t find that it is particularly useful, nor does it deliver any groundbreaking ideas or tips regarding the challenges that millenials face, such as career choice. Where the descriptive pages of the personality types failed, is in linking these personalities to career possibilities. After all, isn’t this the biggest challenge we are facing these days?


So, take a 60-second break, take the quiz, and let me know how it goes!

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