Hello blogworld!

Blog. What is a blog? As a member of the “millenial” generation I am pretty embarassed to be so inactive in the “blogosphere”. Well, today that comes to an end, as I join the world of the published and create my very own blog.

The inspiration for this blog comes from the culmination of three things: a conversation with my family, a recent MacLean’s article I read, and the general feeling of uncertainty and panic that has settled in since the moment I crossed the stage of Grant Hall at Queen’s University this past June…


Do you see? The fear lurking behind the pride?

… well ok the panic didn’t really set in until a couple of days later, but this was certainly the turning point.

I am 22, a university graduate, and am working in a field that I don’t exactly see as a lifetime career. Do I feel that my situation is unique? Absolutely (and thankfully) not.

I am a part of what the media has termed, “the new underclass”, and can loosely be defined as those who are “20-something”. I use this term to refer to the age ranges of those included in the group, and to refer back to the idea that these “20-somethings” are up to “something”, but not necessarily something in which they can find a true purpose. This blog is for all the “20-somethings” who are feeling the excitement, pressure, confusion, and perhaps indecision that this phase of growing up brings. Here’s to us, and to the futures we just haven’t quite found yet.

My vision for this blog is to create a collection of interesting articles and insights from various sources, about the challenges of growing up and finding your way, both in today’s world, and in comparison to decades of the past. Is being ’20-something’ significantly more challenging today? Or just in a different way? This is the mission.

2 thoughts on “Hello blogworld!

  1. What MacLean’s artcile did you read by chance? I think I have a guess…also good for you for having the guts to do this. I’ve gotten really into cooking since third year (who knows what one can discover when not studying) and I’ve been thinking about starting a foodie blog, but I’m too nervous! So I’ve been practicing and saving them on my computer for now. This is exciting though – good luck and best with your musings πŸ™‚

    • Hey Krista! Thanks so much for commenting. The article was called “The New Underclass” (I will be posting about it soon), was it the one you were thinking of? And thanks for the support, I have found it quite intimidating to publish myself online for the whole world to see, but once you start it gets easier. I encourage you to give it a try, setting up a wordpress blog is easier than you would think! I hope you’ll continue to follow me πŸ™‚

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